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“NOTICE - SAD 228 Property Owners should contact Ron Vonderhaar, City of Albuquerque Impact Fee Coordinator, at 924-3984 or by email atrvonderhaar@cabq.gov, to apply road impact fee credits and sign all applicable paperwork. By doing so, the impact fees due and payable to the City of Albuquerque will be reduced by the amount listed in the current Impact Fee Ordinance under the fee schedule for road impact fees. The application of road impact fee credits must be made prior to the payment of all permitting fees and the issuance of a building permit. If payment is made and the building permit is issued, there will be no refunds for road impact fee credits not applied. However, the property owners will retain their road impact fee credit as defined in the current City of Albuquerque Impact Fee Ordinance under Section 14-19-19 Credits”.

For clarification, I am the City’s Impact Fee Administrator and Ron is an Impact Fee Coordinator. He is the point man for routine day to day tasks such as assessments, the application of impact fee credits, etc. That said, if Ron is unavailable or the property owners have questions they can certainly contact me.

Tony Loyd, Impact Fee Administrator

(505) 924-3934,   tloyd@cabq.gov

The attachment below includes comments and pictures of Progress in Volcano Cliffs 2014

 If you have a facebook page please like us at   https://www.facebook.com/PetroglyphEstates?ref=hl

Annual Meeting was held November 8, 2014 at the Taylor Rancho Community Center.

The following are presentations made to the property owners attending:

The first is the overall agenda, the second is info on properties sold and number of lots listed for sale and the third is information on ideas for assembling lots so that they might be of interest to developers and builders.

Join Mayor Berry and Councilor Lewis to Celebrate the Opening of Petroglyph Estates on October 7 at 3PM at Petroglyph Estates Park.

Turn east at the Unser - Rainbow - Compass intersection and go about 3 blocks to the park.



Petroglyph Estates/ SAD 228 will be completed in September 2014. Home builders have been pulling building permits for construction of homes.

A traffic light at the corner of Molten Rock and Unser Blvd was installed in August making access to and from this neighborhood much safr and easier. 


On October 6, 2009 the political stars became realigned in favor of private property ownership. Volcano Cliffs property owners were encouraged by the results of the election and we are took action to take advantage of the situation to position our property for development.The individual efforts of many of our property owners who made financial contributions, walked neighborhoods, made phone calls, paid for and installed signs and who live in District 5 and got out and voted, contributed to the election of Dan Lewis to the District 5 Council seat in which our property resides and RJ Berry’s election as Mayor of Albuquerque. Individual property owners formed a measure finance committee so they could work together to campaign for candidates that believe in private property rights. No funds or other resources from the VCPOA, a non-profit corporation, were used in this effort. In addition, other councilors were elected that positioned the council to have a 5 to 4 posture in favor of private property ownership.Your board of directors is working with the elected officials, city staff and an engineering firm to implement a sector plan that eliminates the restrictive zoning of the previous administration that devalued our property; and develop a series of Special Assessment Districts or other kinds of Private Land Assembly that would allow development of Volcano Cliffs property in some reasonable and orderly fashion subject to market trends.Your continued assistance through volunteering, appearing at meetings and contributions will help us be successful in this effort.


A Special Assessment District was approved in 2003 and of the 268 lots at this writing approximately 100 homes are in the process of construction or already occupied. The property owners in this area provided land for the right of way for Unser Blvd which benefits many Albuquerque Westside residents.

The City Council passed the Volcano Heights Sector Plan (VHSDP) on September 6, 2006. Because this plan was passed illegally the court remanded the plan to the City Council.The Planning Department has been working with property owners to redo the plan and the result is the Volcano Cliffs Sector Development Plan (VCSDP). This plan is a significant improvement over the remanded plan which discriminated against the individual property owners. The plan went through the legal approval process with the City.The VCPOA had filed several suits against the City to resolve the many problems with the VHSDP. These suits have been settled with the approval of the VCSDP and progress on the first in a series of Special Assessment Districts.

Preceeding 1981

To briefly review the history of Volcano Cliffs Subdivision, a number of facts stand out. The record indicates that VCPOA and its predecessors attempted in good faith to work with the City in order to create a mechanism for initiating quality development in the Volcano Cliffs area. Prior to 1980 the City made numerous representations to the landowners concerning annexation and zoning according to the Volcano Cliffs Master Plan; the representations to the zoning were not honored. The number, type, and complexity of requirements that the City has wished to see fulfilled before development would be allowed to begin in Volcano Cliffs have dramatically increased with the passage of time andcontinue to increase to this present day.Since the annexation in 1981 the property owners have received little or any benefit from the over $3,000,000 that they’ve paid in taxes to the City. These taxes have been a benefit to many other City constituents but not Volcano Cliffs property owners.At the time of annexation the commitment was made:“At such time as the City annexes the various tracts of Volcano Cliffs, it will provide as it has always done the full range of urban services, including roads, sewage and water which can be financed through special assessments districts.”(quoted from a 1976 letter from then Mayor Harry Kinney.)Some progress has been made and some property owners have been able to achieve their dream of building a home.

The Volcano Cliffs land, consisting of about 3400 acres, was subdivided in the mid-60s and was approved by the City of Albuquerque as a sub-division in 1964. Agreements regarding annexation were drafted as early as November 1964. Annexation was finally accomplished in 1981. In the annexation process over 800 acres were committed to open space and other City requirements. The property above the escarpment west of the Petroglyph National Monument is about 2200 acres. In the time between the mid-60s and early 80s most of the lots were sold to many different individuals. As of this writing there are over 1200 landowners, approximately 50% of which live in the greater Albuquerque area.