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Molten Rock Neighborhood - SAD 227

Located above and west of the Petroglyph National Monument and east of Boca Negra Equestrian Park and south of Molten Rock Rd which runs off of Unser Blvd about a mile north of Montano Blvd.

There are 268 lots of which approximately 85 homes are inhabited or under construction.

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

The Architectural Control Committee is established to review proposed plans for improvements on lots in SAD 227 at the current time. All plans for SAD 227 must be approved by the ACC prior to submission to the city.

There are covenants governing building improvements for Units 2, 5, and 24 (Unser Cliffs) in SAD227. These covenants along with city regulations limit such things as overall building height, setbacks, private open space, lighting, exterior colors, and landscaping plants allowed.Please review the covenants prior to building within this neighborhood. All plans for SAD 227 must be approved by the ACC prior to submission to the city.  The covenant restrictions are significant changes from current City requirements and must be met before the plans will be okayed for submission to the City.

Click Below for a summary of the ACC Process:

​Click Below for the detail of the regulations for SAD 227:

The covenants in Units 2, 5 and 24 which make up the residential zones have been updated. Although SAD 227 is not included in the VCSDP the regulations for development are very similar. Click here for covenants.

We are in discussions with the City to include SAD 227 in the Volcano Cliffs Sector Development Plan (VCSDP) so that we can eventually phase out the ACC.

Map of Molten Rock/ SAD 227

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Residents of Petroglyph Estates will find a variety of shops, restaurants, and novelty within 2 miles of home, whether just up the road or down the mesa. Ventana Square Shopping Center, at the corner of Universe Blvd and Paradise Blvd, offers many eateries for both a quick meal or dine-in. Petroglyph Plaza, at the corner of Paseo del Norte and Golf Course Rd, is home to a Smith’s grocery store, Starbucks, and local businesses such as a pet boutique, gym, and children’s gymnastics.

Volcano Cliff Sector Development Plan

The Volcano Cliffs Sector Development Plan (VCSDP), which the VCPOA collaborated with the City of Albuquerque, has established building and land use regulations that support attractive, environmentally friendly neighborhoods. The Sector Development Plan includes a variety of large residential, smaller residential, rural residential, mixed use, and commercial zones that provide the foundation for complimentary, but unique, neighborhoods. The Plan also includes parks, trails, and open space nestled among the variety of zones that will provide home owners a myriad of living choices.The Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan (VHSDP) which is just to the north of Volcano Cliffs will be a center for job creation.  Unser Boulevard provides easy access to jobs in Rio Rancho at Presbyterian Rust Medical Center, Sandoval County Regional Medical Center, and similar companies. Unser Blvd also provides quick access to the South Valley and Interstate 40. Substantial residential development is occurring around it such as: The Boulders, The Trails, Montecitto and Paradise Views. These neighborhoods are growing, and some have only a few lots available.